About the artist

Peter Darkovski (Petar Stoyanov) was born in 1969 in Rakovica - Kula, where he grows up and forms in himself  sense of beauty and freedom.

Graduated theology in Sofia University. Today he lives and works in Vidin.

He starts painting at the age of six and initially donates his paintings to friends and acquaintances.

He is professionally engaged in painting since 1998.

He turns the lack of artistic education in advantage and his paintings are distinguished by original pattern and specific techniques.


He  can almost always be found in his workshop on "Dondukov" 67, where he transfroms the inspiration into paintings.

Main topic  in his paintings is the architecture of old Bulgarian houses and churches. You can also find architectural elements of interesting buildings, abstract symbols and shapes, fairies or close-up portraits, all of them having the characteristic style of the artist.

The palette of Peter Darkovski (Petar Stoyanov) is more in earth tones - ocher, brick-red, brown and grass green.

A hallmark of his paintings, mostly oil on canvas, is a realistic depiction of individual objects placed on abstract background. Thus, they stand out as if hanging in space.

This feature of his pattern is visible also in the pictures of the old Bulgarian houses, and the oil portraits, where individual features of the model are depicted with particular sharpness at the expense of others who sink into softness and so the face is as realistic as surreal in appearance.

 Considering the majority of the artist's pictures, which are more abstract rather than realistic, his realistic landscapes surprise with a different approach and mood. Undoubtedly, they will remind you of the old Bulgarian postcards with pictures of bluish mountain peaks and pastoral motives.

Surely, what you will remember most of his characteristic style, are old houses with clocks.

Owners of his paintings are private galleries in the country and abroad - Serbia, Germany, England, USA, Dubai, Yerusalem. 


Awards and Professional Memberships

Member of : UBA (United Bulgarian Artists) from 2010., SPA (Society of Plovdiv Artists) from 2011 and the Representation of the UBA Pleven -  2011.

Stages of the realization of a painting. 

The artist reveals one of the used techniques.




Independent Exhibitions

The Artist Peter Darkovski has organized over 12 solo exhibitions in Vidin, Sofia, Plovdiv, Ruse, Karlovo and other cities.

1999 – Gallery M, Ruse 

1999 -Vidin

2000 -Vidin

2001 – Gallery Stylbata, Sofia 

2003 - Vidin

2008 – Gallery Art-Muse, Sofia София

2009 – Gallery Nicole Petrov, Vidin

2009 -  Gallery Art-Muse, Sofia София

2009 – Gallery Gema, Vidin

2012 - Gallery Nicole Petrov, Vidin

2012 – Gallery Plovdiv, Plovdiv"

2013-  Art center Orchid, Karlovo

2016- Cultural Institute Plovdiv, Plovdiv 


Group exhibitions, most important of which are: 

1998 – National Exhibition “Landscape”, Vidin 

2007 – International Biennal „The art of miniature”, Ruse. 

2007 – Forth National Exhibition “Landscape”, Vidin 

2009 -  Regional Exhibition “Colors of the Northwest“,  Vratsa 

2010 – Fifth National Biennal of the Small Forms, Pleven  

2010-  Charity Exhibition Monument of Radoi Ralin, Sofia 

2011 – Fifth National Exhibition “Landscape”, Vidin 

2012 - Jubilee Exhibition 100th anniversary of SPA 

2012 – Exhibition dedicated to 65 years of Artistic group Pleven 

2013 – Exhibition “ Nine contemporary artists from Vidin”, The National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria 

2014 – Sixth National Exhibition “Landscape”, Vidin

2014 – Sixth National Biennale of the Small Forms, Pleven  


Numerous appearances with groups of Vidin, Plovdiv and Pleven.


Participation en plein air:

2011 г. – 20th International en plein air : Serbia – Smederevska Palanka 

2011 – Forth International en plein air ‘ Pozarevac, Serbia 

2011 – Second International en plein air  „Bulgaria during the centuries” – Bratsigovo 

2013 г. – National  en plein air “ Pristan” – Pomorie

2014 - National  en plein air, Pomorie.