The circle and the curved line in a colorful splash!

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Churches and other buildings from the old times.

The old Bulgarian houses have always been an inspiration for me. Silent witness of time and history, they whisper the story of the forgotten lifes.

All paintings, presented here, are oil on canvas. 

The time, represented like objective change.

She is always present to inspire and lighten or darken the flow of life. Here you will see paintings, oil on canvas, grouped in two cycles - Naked body and Nymphs.  

Colorful old buildings, pained together with the clock - can you tell how much time has passed away?

All paintings are oil on canvas.

The paintings here will take you back to the simple life of the village man - the cart left behind, the singe boat of the fisherman and of course the wine...

The place where I was born and where I have lived all my life - this is how I saw it.

The face as image of the soul.

All paintings are oil on canvas. Most are owned by the models.

You can purchase an image of you or a loved one. Don't worry if you can pose in person, I can use a photograph too.

Here you can find paintings, created using water colour technique on paper.